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First off you need to be very careful about the bedding and the materials they are made of that you get. Bedding many times is treated with Boric Acid and Antimony for use as a fire retardant, and insecticide, which can be harmful to your health. Along with the possibility of non cured foams that emit a Formaldehyde odor. Which, evidently is used in the production of certain Foams. If you Google chemical smells of your bed http://www.chem-tox.com/guest/guestbook.html you will see a huge list of problems people are having with the chemicals bedding factories are using. You can File a complaint with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission at 1-800-638-2772

I am not making any recommendations for any one particular bed here. I have had personal experience from Water Beds, Select comfort, Memory Foam and conventional bedding. Choosing the right bed can be a difficult problem, as many times you are trying to satisfy 2 people with one mattress. There are many companies that offer ways to evaluate you to make your selection easier. I have owned a water bed, a select comfort bed and more recently a Tempurpedic bed. I can discuss the differences of each. There is a local company www.chiromatic.com/Chiro-Matic that can help you in your selection.

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