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The defintion of HEALTH is A state of Optimal Physical, Mental and Social Well being, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.

Holistic Health is a system of preventive medicine that takes into account the whole individual, his own responsibility for his well being and the total influences-Social, Psychological, Environmental-that affect health, including nutrition, exercise and mental relaxation.

Our focus is to consider all aspects of you and your families health. Including lifestyle, stressors such as mental, physical and/or chemical(Diet) that contribute to your present state.

Treatment: The primary focus is to identify and then remove the spinal subluxations, which is the first step in restoring your nervous systems function. This is accomplished through the use of various manual techniques taught only in Chiropractic colleges. We take into account overall body posture and mechanics, to determine if muscles are weak or overactive that are suppose to be supporting your frame in a well balanced way. There are many techniques that we are trained in, to individualize what may be the best treatment for you. We may employ the use Laser light therapy which is FDA Approved to reduce pain and Inflammation, and is employed in a wide variety of soft tissue problems.


Many conditions people have are permanent in nature and are better managed than they are cured. Which is the reason to be checked periodically to keep things running as optimally as the body will allow for. So, don't let your condition become a chronic problem, stay ahead of it and live healthier. It will be more cost effective and less troublesome to live with. Early diagnosis and treatment in children can be the most important health measure you can take.

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