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The Spine and it's Influence over your Health

Our main focus is to locate the cause(s) to your problem and then correction.

My Chiropractic analysis can identify structural faults (subluxations) that cause neuromusculoskeletal disturbances. A chiropractic adjustment can unlock these spinal weaknesses, thereby increasing you or your athletes full potential and performance. Time and time again we have seen grade school, High School and College track athletes attain "PR's" (Personal Record's) with the help of chiropractic care.

The Brain Body Connection is through Your Nervous System.

The brain, housed in your skull and the rest of your spinal cord is encased in your spinal column. The peripheral nerves exit through your spinal column at 31 different levels, which are in turn connected to your every tissue you own. This network is so complex and extensive it covers every square inch of your body.

When your spine is subluxated, this neurologic interference hampers normal body function. Which in time causes a dysfunction leading to a larger problem and dis-ease.

Chiropractic identifies the existance of these problems and works to correct it. We will look for muscular, structural & habitual imbalances that cause you to lose your health over time.

Once stable, an emphasis is placed upon supporting your condition. The Dentists have a great saying "ignore your teeth and they will go away"...The spine is no different, ignore your spinal health and it will give you nothing but problems.
Example of a Cervical MRI with osteoarthritis and a fairly severe herniated disc with subluxation at the C4, 5 level. This person experienced hand and shoulder weakness and pain, and continues to do very well with gentle chiropractic care.
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