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Chiropractic is based upon the facts that:

  • The BODY is self healing and self regulating. Your organs are on autopilot, regulating heart rate, controlling blood chemistries, detoxifying chemicals, etc. If you are injured your body will do it's best to heal. There is nothing to add it has all the materials and chemicals within to get the job done.
  • The body 's Primary control center is the Nervous System all other systems in essence are secondary, they get their input/energy and tone from the Nerves.
  • Interference to the Nervous System at any spinal level can disrupt communicating signals to any part of your body's tissues.
  • This will result in a dis-eased state to the tissues those Nerves are connected to, whether they are muscles, glands or organs.
  • So, knowing that this interference prevents the body from it's natural healing process, and daily functionality, unlocking your spine rebalancing musculature to remove spinal nerve interference can be the key factor in restoring your health.


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